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CNew Member Orientation Manual - Click To Enlarge
New Member Orientation Manual
Alton R. Williams - (SKU#: NM17168)

Price: $15.00

This book will help pastors establish a new member orientation program in their churches.

Orientation is very important, as many new members come from different denominations and/or churches. It is crucial that they are united under one vision - the vision of the church.

Secondly, new members, if committed to the vision, should bear fruit in the church. There should be tangible, positive results of their new membership.

Thirdly, people need a foundational understanding of the requirements of obedience to their pastor.

They must learn the vision of the church, its organizational structure, policies, church procedures, the New Birth, church worship style, doctrinal tenets of faith, membership commitment and responsibility of the church, methods of relating to the pastor, and God's plan for financing His church. All of this information and more can be found in this orientation manual.

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