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How to Close the Door to Satan

How to Close the Door to Satan

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One subject is rarely talked about in church these days, but it is the key to enjoying God’s blessings and prosperity; getting free and staying that way; living a victorious life; having a happy home and marriage; growing spiritually and morally strong children; and shutting the door to Satan’s control over our lives, homes and families. That subject is sin and our ability to overcome it.

Apostle Williams’ book How to Close the Door to Satan will show you how to do just that. Learn how we can give Satan legal right to our lives through the practice of sin. Distinguish between sin, transgressions and iniquity. Find out the consequences and curses that result from them. Finally, discover God’s answer for breaking the curse once and for all. With this book, you will close the door to Satan and open the door to God’s blessings for you, your family, and future generations!

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