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Letters from the Lord PDF

Letters from the Lord PDF

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What if you received a letter from the Lord? That question birthed this book.

Letters from the Lord by Apostle Alton R. Williams simplifies God’s Word, His love letter to us, according to our individual needs. Each letter is easy to read and composed as if it were written directly from the hand of the Lord.

This divinely inspired work will empower us to:

  1. Know God’s will for various areas of life.
  2. Study God’s Word. Scripture references for each promise point are provided within the letter.
  3. Send letters to others who may need to know God’s will for them in a challenging area of their lives.
  4. Meditate on God’s Word in the letter during a time of devotion.
  5. Witness to unbelievers, prisoners, or those who have backslidden from the Lord. Consider the possible reaction when a person who has turned away from the Lord receives a letter from Him that says virtually everything they need to hear to bring conviction to their hearts.

Hear the Lord’s heart within these letters.  When He speaks, we are transformed.

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