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Love & Hip-Hop:  Do They Go Together?

Love & Hip-Hop: Do They Go Together?

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VH1’s reality television series’ Love & Hip-Hop and its spinoffs chronicle the lives of several women in New York, Atlanta, Hollywood, and other cities who are involved in relationships and with hip-hop music. 

Apostle Williams’ book Love & Hip-Hop:  Do They Go Together? reveals several characteristics featured in the series and hip-hop culture, including:

  1. Self-gratification
  2. Baby mama/daddy drama
  3. Materialism
  4. Rebellion and disrespect for authority
  5. Misogyny (hatred of women)
  6. Thug life (violence)
  7. Profanity

And much, much more…

However, God’s love is called agape love.  It is an unconditional love.  Therefore, can love and hip-hop truly coexist?  Read this book and decide for yourself.

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