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Pastors, Where Do We Go From Here?

Pastors, Where Do We Go From Here?

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Pastors, Where Do We Go From Here?  21st Century Church and Ministry Strategies for Pastors
by Apostle Alton R. Williams


As of this writing, Apostle Williams has served 33 years as senior pastor of World Overcomers Church in Memphis, Tennessee.  He has established virtually all the major ingredients that comprise God's New Testament church.  Now he is sharing his knowledge, experience, and strategies with other pastors within this book.

Pastors will discover the direction in which the Body of Christ must move in the 21st century in order to reap the end-time harvest.  They will learn how to establish New Testament government in their churches; equip and train their members; set up a process for believers to move from pew to purpose; get their churches in biblical, divine order; launch the ministries that will advance the Kingdom of God; and help people fulfill their destinies.

Pastors, Where Do We Go From Here? is the definitive resource for all pastors who desire to expand their vision in and beyond the four walls of the church.  It is for pastors who want their churches to move from being "keepers of the aquarium" to becoming "fishers of men."  It is for pastors who have the heart of God for souls and want to prepare their people to do the work of the ministry in reaping and caring for God's end-time harvest.   

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