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Prayer Works for Children PDF

Prayer Works for Children PDF

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The richest resource of every nation is the next generation – our babies, our children, and our youth. There is a battle for our seed. Our nation's moral fabric is declining, and our children are being targeted by evil forces. We must preserve and protect our seed by praying for them daily. Our prayers matter. God always responds to faith-filled prayers. His Word never returns void. 

Prayer Works for Children PDF by Sherrilyn Williams features 65 Bible-based prayers, scripture references, and confessions for virtually every issue your children may face, including: Identity in Christ, Peer Pressure, Social Media, Health and Healing, Overcoming Anger, and so much more! 

Children will learn to exercise their faith by seeing, hearing, speaking, and doing the Word. Invest in your child's future with this treasured resource. Your prayers will have an eternal impact upon your future generations. 

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